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FazGame in "Maré que Transforma" Program

"Maré que Transforma" Program integrates families, children and teenagers of Maré Olympic Village through sports practices, focusing on sport values. Transmedia pedagogical material was created - with teaching aids and games on program contents. The creation of games by teachers and students is being integrated into the curriculum of the program, to evaluate the learning about sport values.

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FazGame in Professional Education - SENAI RJ Partnership

Teachers from SENAI RJ were trained to implement game creation projects integrated to the learning contents with students from the 27 units of SENAI RJ. The games will be evaluated in a curatorship process, to be integrated to Educabox – SENAI RJ educational resources platform.

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FazGame Partnership with Zippy's Friends methodology

The characters of socio-emotional skills development program Zippy's Friends have been integrated into FazGame. In the first game creation project, students at Municipal School Haydea Vianna created the game "Zippy's Friends in School Games", consolidating the socio-emotional learning in the program.

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